As we prepare to leave each other, and Manhattan for the holiday weekend, we would like to give thanks for the amazing style icon, Ali Macgraw.  Lauren is off to the Hamptons while Julie flies to Glencoe, but no matter where Thanksgiving takes you this weekend, we urge you to find inspiration from the images below while you pack your bags.  We know we definitely did.

Since we will be on a slight posting hiatus we thought we would give you your fix of “Fashion Finds Friday” on Wednesday.  Once we have stuffed our tummies with delicious turkey and gooey mashed potatoes, we will need to burn off all those calories by stuffing our shopping bags while zigzagging through the crowds on Black Friday! Be on the lookout for some of these amazing additions to any wardrobe in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Ali Mcgraw.  Happy Turkey Day to you all…see you next week!

1. A chunky sweater this one is from LL Bean $119
2. Any knit bag, this wool one is by Dolce and Gabbana $1,695
3. Ribbed glovettes by JCrew $23
4. Cozy fur scarf this one by Glamourpuss sold at Kirnazabete $495
5. Camel Coat from Gap $118
6. Leather and suede top by H&M $99
7. Fox fur earmuffs by Eugenia Kim at Shopbop $188
8. Boots with shearling accents, this pair from Michael by Michael Kors $295
9. Wide leg jeans, this pair from JBrand named after todays inspiration, the Love Story Jean $179
10. Chunky gold jewelry, this cuff by YSL $590
11. A short knit skirt, this one by Eternal Sunshine Creations at Shopbop $187