A couple weeks ago I was asked to participate in a photo shoot that will be part of the January 2015 launch of a very cool new company called Gather & Gown. You know how getting asked to be a bridesmaid comes with both honor and slight “cringeworthyness” at the thought of buying yet another boring gown that can only be worn once. Well those days are over! Because Gather & Gown has a fresh approach to bridal party dresses, with an amazing selection that can be worn for your bestie’s big day and then again for a cocktail party or date night. They have beautifully tailored modern dresses all for under $200.

When I was asked to style a dress it was hard to pick just one. For the shoot I chose an adorable one shoulder deep blue dress, which would be great for any bridal party, but then when I added some edgier pieces like a leather jacket and booties, the outfit worked for an awesome evening out as well.

Here is a clip of me explaining the look. I have to say I hate hearing my voice recorded, but the dress looks super cute on camera!


If you or anyone you know is getting married soon, or if you just want a cute dress to add to your wardrobe get over to Gather & Gown in January or sign up now on their website for 20% off your first order. The dresses, including the one I’m wearing, come in cute boxes delivered right to your door. So instead of trying to get an entire bridal party to agree on an expensive dress in a midtown boutique, start the conversation on Gather & Gown with your closest friends and make the process as painless as possible, because let’s all remember, it’s the bride’s day after all!