We might not believe it after the polar vortex of a winter we have had, but Summer is actually around the corner. That means we have a few weeks for a last ditch effort to get in shape. Most of you probably did not just have a baby like I did, but we are all guilty of a couple extra pounds from our wintertime hibernations. So feeling the pressure, I called in the big guns and contacted Mahri Relin, founder of Body Conceptions.

This high intensity dance cardio workout combined with muscle aching, full body sculpting movements, is both invigorating and fun. If you are lucky enough to snag a lesson with Mahri herself you have hit a six-pack jackpot. But the team she has gathered is just as amazing. I have been training with Lauren for only a week and I already feel and see a difference. Whether you train in a private session or a studio class, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Hey, the ladies of Vogue, Well + Good, and Fitness Magazine, who have all given Body Conceptions a rave review, must know a thing or two!